1395… Errant English squire Geoffrey Hotspur and his French manservant, Jean Lagoustine, stumble from disaster to disaster in their search for honours and riches.

But opportunity knocks when after the child ruler of the powerful Duchy of Ferrara, Niccolo d’Este, is thrust into power, Geoffrey, the would-be knight, is entrusted to keep the boy from battlefields and scheming warlords.

Geoffrey hotspur adventure series

Geoffrey is a ward of the mighty Duke of Lancaster, John of Gaunt, uncle of the king. Given the nickname ‘hotspur’ for his impetuous nature and eagerness to fight, he is at a disadvantage to his fellow squires in the duke’s vast household because of his uncertain parentage and lack of wealth. But the powerful duke sees the makings of a virtuous knight in the tall, determined young man. The question is: will he get the opportunity to be made a knight?

The English wars with France, incessant fighting amongst the Italian city-states and crusades against the Moors in Spain and Turks in the Balkans offer many roads to knighthood in the turbulent 14th century, and Geoffrey is anxious to travel one of them – any one – if it will lead him to his grail. A glorious future awaits the callow squire, so long as he can prove his mettle on the battlefield, overcome the treachery of those close to him and rein in his own unruly spirit.

Medieval detective story

Holy inquisitor

Medieval detective story

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